Organic Technology

"We require green software to fulfill three abstract requirements:

  1. The required software engineering processes of software development, maintenance, and disposal must save resources and reduce waste.
  2. Software execution must save resources and reduce waste.
  3. Software must support sustainable development.
Sustainable Software is software, whose direct and indirect negative impacts on economy, society, human beings, and environment that result from development, deployment, and usage of the software are minimal and/or which has a positive effect on sustainable development.

This second definition gives a wider parameter for the usage of software or any technology and whichever definition you wish to use the outcome from us is the same. We strive to develop only that technology which leaves a smaller carbon footprint and in every possible way has a postive impact on the planet. In short we follow the U.N.'s definition of this topic:

“Any development should meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Join us in our effort to provide sustainability in the world of technology and provide for the needs of this generation so that our generation can meet the needs of all future generations

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