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1 One of the world’s leading experts on corporate sustainability had a simple piece of advice for a crowd of global business leaders: To protect your business, you must protect nature.
2 The oceans are on the brink. We have an opportunity to save them
3 As our climate gets warmer the farming communities are moving North
4 The top five risks to the global economy are environmental, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report.
5 Scientists, indigenous activists, teenagers, farmers, CEOS and more met at the Global Landscapes Forum, closing out Climate Week by discussing the importance of restoring nature.
6 University of New Mexico develops sidewalks from sustainable materials
8 The conservation and sustainability of biodiversity are as cardinal and essential for our continued existence on the planet earth.
9 The solar PV industry is on a trajectory to reach at least three terawatts of cumulative PV installations by 2030, according to the authors. Continued technology improvements, falling solar panel prices, and grid integration should bend the curve up.
10 Farms that include wild habitat boost soil diversity and support more dung beetles: these could be a crucial first line of defence against foodborne pathogens that kill thousands globally.
11 New technique could generate hydrogen when needed without the use of fossil fuels or energy

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