Computer Programming

Here is the primary difference:

  1. Desktop development is geared towards building applications that are user forward, meaning they are for direct use by the computer user.
  2. Computer programs are used by the computer itself such as an operating system or a security system.

An example of a desktop applicatin would be your Microsoft office programs

A nexample of a computer program would be your Windows 10 operating system.

This same distinction applies to software development and web application development

Software development refers to the programs developed for the computer system itself

Web development uses code to create user facing software for the web.

At TJD True Organics we do both but we understand the difference and the appropriate use of all the different aspects of coding or programming. ABove all we strive to develop sofware, desktop applications and web applications that benefit the client, the planet and have no adverse affect in the long term. We can assist you in all your development needs.

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